Pixbi makes it possible for individuals to view, save, share and purchase products in images, in both digital and print.

As Chief Creative Officer of Pixbi, creating a brand with a particular art direction was a challenge throughout. We wanted to communicate our brand as something intuitive so anyone can easily use it. Without being intrusive, we’ve managed to create something informative, clear and friendly.

Let me take you through what we’ve created at Pixbi.

The Pixbi brand logo is used across all platforms.

The same logo is used when a user interacts with Pixbi for the very first time as a product tag. There are no drop shadows or gradients, simply a solid brand color.

The logo is bold, simple and easily recognizable.

Pixbi brand logotype consist of all lowercase characters.

The logotype is in a solid brand color and can also be used as a solid white as well. There are no drop shadows or gradients.

Pixbi is pronouced, pix-bee.

An Embedded Experience

Pixbi enabled digital publications to deliver the same user experience across the iPad and iPhone versions.

The great thing about Pixbi is the convenience of it. Users did not have to download another app, they could simply download any enabled publication and Pixbi would automatically be embedded in the issue.

With Pixbi, readers could interact with almost any product. Being able to view, save, share and purchase that product without leaving the original content.

Utilized in the following publications:

"The cleanest, most nonintrusive and easiest platform to work with that we've seen" Popular Photography
“It increases time spent and makes advertisers happy so it's a win already.” American Media Inc.

The Pixbi user’s dashboard called myPix was exactly that, products that users picked and wanted to view, share or purchase later.

Users could enjoy viewing the products they saved in a modular layout or switch to a list view so they could easily browses through all the products they have saved.

Being able to price compare products a user saved was one of the top features.

“Perhaps the most groundbreaking of the three, Pixbi is a New York-based startup...” Read the article by PSFK Labs

Pixbi was one of the finalist at South by Southwest 2015 Accelerator competition in the category for:

Entertainment and Content Technologies

View Presentation

View Presentation

*SXSW presentation was created in Prezi, which was required. All assets were created using After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Premiere.

  • Assets rendered out from Cinema 4D then imported into After Effects for motion graphics and video editing.

  • Shot with a 4K GoPro, video edited with Adobe Premiere. Motion graphics created with After Effects.

  • Screen captured from Macbook Pro, video edited with Adobe Premiere. Motion graphics created with After Effects.